If they can't "Google" you or find you online today.... good luck!

In the reality of today even if the person looks in the phonebook...that customer is probably looking for your website link to actually do some advance research on the company in question before they phone the business or organization.

Your website is a informational "destination"  for your existing customers and your introduction to potential new ones. Information that you provide at your website is power to your customer or to the members of your organization. You can never have too much or too little information online. Printed resources like the phone book are only as accurate as the day they were printed and provide nothing current about your organization. If you're an organization like some of the sites that I've built, your members or potential customers will appreciate having access to a website that provides basic information and timely communication.

Your company or organization should be online even if it's just your latest one page take-out menu and the phone number to take phone orders. Having a web presence is extremely cost effective compared to other forms of communication available to you. 

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